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Body Armor

Warrior Armor body armor crestThe WARRIOR ARMOR® series are the most affordable combination of lightweight and high-impact protection in the world. Whether you need ballistic plates, soft body armor, backpack inserts, or helmets, Warrior Armor® can provide you individual or package systems in small or large quantities.

Warrior Armor® has the Lightest Plates in the World! Our neutral buoyant plates come in all levels and many are NIJ certified. Designed for law enforcement, first responders, security, and every tier of tactical military operator, we manufacture in the USA. We have production capability to fulfill your procurement needs for mass orders of entire divisions and can customize and form plates to personal cuts and contours of individuals (male and female). Our plates come with a 5-year warranty.

Soldier wearing Level III body armor plate carriers and tactical helmet Soldiers wearing body armor plate carriers Soldiers wearing tactical goggles, body armor and ballistic helmets

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